Post Views: 7,613 Select mh.INSTALLTIME,mh.INSTALLEDBY,bm.displayname,av.isAvailable from dbo.MT_HealthService mhinner join BaseManagedEntity bm on mh.basemanagedentityid=bm.basemanagedentityidinner join dbo.Availability av on av.basemanagedentityid =mh.basemanagedentityidWHERE bm.DISPLAYNAME IN(‘ServerName’)   Query to Update for all Manually installed Agent:   UPDATE MT_HealthService SET IsManuallyInstalled=0 WHERE IsManuallyInstalled=1 Query to Update for specific Manually installed Agent:   UPDATE MT_HealthService SET IsManuallyInstalled=0 WHERE […]

Post Views: 2,845   For DBA Team: Before changing the SQL configuration, we need the following backups. 1.      Please make sure you have the password for all the accounts which are being used in Orchestrator 2.       Back up SQL Server service master key Sqlcmd -Q “BACKUP SERVICE MASTER KEY TO […]

Post Views: 6,384     For the Orphan instances to clean, please follow the below process.   Script is located here:   1. Take full backup of Orchestrator database.   – Need to stop the Runbook services on the Runbook servers.   2. Execute below SQL queries to check […]