Post Views: 997       I just wrote a management pack which will help you to achieve Monitor multiple services. This management pack will give you the capability to control the frequency and match count. <IntervalSeconds>300</IntervalSeconds> <MatchCount>2</MatchCount> This means by default, monitors that use this will inspect the service […]

Post Views: 1,369     I have come across with a request from multiple customers, from my colleagues and in multiple forums where if any task was executed by any User in SCOM, how we will be able to get that information? I have developed a management pack for this […]

Post Views: 1,875   Microsoft has released a hotfix for alert management issue in SCOM. Hotfix Download link: Hotfix Details: Changes in Alert Management of SCOM 2019:  

Post Views: 4,931     This management pack is developed to monitor database health state depending on the state of the database. You might be having a requirement to exclude any of the database state like offline, suspect, emergency etc. This management pack will help you to achieve that. As […]

Post Views: 2,096       I will not be going to discuss how to install UR1 for SCOM 2019, but I will discuss an issue while I was trying to update UR1 for my SCOM 2019 infra. Microsoft product group has now introduced Simplified management server patching experience which […]

Post Views: 1,800     This Script will return all the Rules which are Monitoring or collecting any events in SCOM.   $Cur = Get-Location Import-Module OperationsManager $Rules = Get-SCOMRule $RuleNames = $Rules.Name foreach ($Rule in $RuleNames) { $RuleName = Get-SCOMRule -Name “$Rule” $Configuration = $RuleName.DataSourceCollection $RuleConfig = $Configuration.Configuration If […]