Post Views: 2,324     We need to use the following Switch which will recover the management servers.   Setup.exe /silent /AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement /recover /EnableErrorReporting:Never /SendCEIPReports:0 /UseMicrosoftUpdate:0 /InstallPath:”D:\Program Files\System Center 2016\Operations Manager” /DatabaseName:OperationsManager /SqlServerInstance:<server\instance> /DWDatabaseName:OperationsManagerDW /DWSqlServerInstance:<server\instance> /DASAccountUser:<domain\username> /DASAccountPassword:<password> /DatareaderUser:<domain\username> /DatareaderPassword:<password> /DataWriterUser:<domain\username> /DataWriterPassword:<password> /ActionAccountUser:<domain\username> /ActionAccountPassword:<password> /ManagementGroupName:MGName​

Post Views: 6,391   TLS 1.2 is the secure way of communication suggested by Microsoft with best-in class encryption. SSL and early TLS are not considered strong cryptography and cannot be used as a security control. Microsoft has added official support for TLS1.2 security protocols in SCOM 2012 R2 with […]

Post Views: 1,994           Recently I worked on a case where customer is having a requirement to create a Monitor where he can override the frequency and sample count value. All the built in service monitoring uses Monitors that reference the Microsoft.Windows.CheckNTServiceStateMonitorType monitortype, which is in […]

Post Views: 3,317         I have written some useful SQL queries which will help to get data from Orchestrator database.   Query 1: The following query will help us to get the job details for a Runbook. Select RB.Name, RB.Path, RT.Id, RT.RunbookServerId, A.Computer , RT.Status, RT.Parameters, RT.LastModifiedTime, […]