Post Views: 1,911   Microsoft has released a hotfix for alert management issue in SCOM. Hotfix Download link: Hotfix Details: Changes in Alert Management of SCOM 2019:  

Post Views: 5,046     This management pack is developed to monitor database health state depending on the state of the database. You might be having a requirement to exclude any of the database state like offline, suspect, emergency etc. This management pack will help you to achieve that. As […]

Post Views: 2,144       I will not be going to discuss how to install UR1 for SCOM 2019, but I will discuss an issue while I was trying to update UR1 for my SCOM 2019 infra. Microsoft product group has now introduced Simplified management server patching experience which […]

Post Views: 1,796     VMware vSphere integration pack integration pack for VMware vSphere is an add-on for System Center – Orchestrator, it assists you in automating actions in VMware vSphere, enabling full management of your virtualized computing infrastructure.   After following the article to integrate the VMWare with […]

Post Views: 1,852     This Script will return all the Rules which are Monitoring or collecting any events in SCOM.   $Cur = Get-Location Import-Module OperationsManager $Rules = Get-SCOMRule $RuleNames = $Rules.Name foreach ($Rule in $RuleNames) { $RuleName = Get-SCOMRule -Name “$Rule” $Configuration = $RuleName.DataSourceCollection $RuleConfig = $Configuration.Configuration If […]